Sophia youth shot dead after fighting off bandits during robbery attempt

A labourer who attempted to fight off two bandits as they attempted to relieve him of his motorcycle was on Sunday evening shot dead in Sophia, Georgetown. The dead man has been identified as 22-year-old Alvin Griffith of ‘A’ Field, South Sophia, Georgetown.
Based on preliminary investigations, on the day in question at about 21:30h, the victim was sitting on his black CB1 Motorcycle, bearing registration number, CM 3560 in front of his home when two men – one of whom pointed a handgun at him and attempted to take away his motorcycle.

Dead, Alvin Griffith

Giffith put up a fight that resulted in a scuffle during which the man who was armed with the handgun discharged a round, hitting the victim to his right side upper chest.
The injured man reportedly ran a short distance and collapsed on the roadway. As the suspects were about to mount the motorcycle, an alarm was raised by residents who went to the young man’s aid.
In retaliation, the two suspects attempted to escape but the residents gave chase and managed to apprehend one of them. He was later identified as a 19-year-old of Campbell Street, Albouystown, Georgetown.
However, the injured victim was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. On the other hand, the suspect who was beaten by the residents was also taken to the medical facility in an unconscious state.
He remains a patient under police guard.
When Guyana Times visited the area on Monday, neighbours related that the now-dead man lived alone and was described as an honest person who worked hard to purchase his motorcycle.

The area where the shooting took place

One neighbour who recalled, “Well last night I was inside and I hear ‘bow’ and by the time I come out I see my neighbour son run and drop so we run to assistance and by time we turn he over he had a hole by he stomach and deh seh that was it, he finish.”
She further stated that the young man grew up in front of her and she can attest that he was a mannerly and humble person.
“He save his money to buy a bike and that is his ending. A night like last night it was so sad, it was so sad 22 and he gone… it sad a mother lost a child”.
Further reports are that the dead young man’s relatives migrated to Suriname and he was left to take care of the house.
Meanwhile, the police are on the hunt for the second suspect as investigations continue.