…and splurging
There are some folks in the world who’ll use the step-boards to their house as firewood to cook their meal for the day. Never mind they’ll have to get a ladder to get in and out later!! ‘Live for the day’, is their motto! Disaggregating the lump sums allocated to the various agencies and Ministries, it’s clear that this PNC Government is determined to burn down not only the steps, but the entire house, to live it up today.
How else can you explain spending a measly $17 billion on the ENTIRE AGRICULTURE SECTOR, compared to $54 billion on “security”!! Now, there’s nothing wrong with security…but the identical $17 billion for the GDF and Militia?? Exactly what are they protecting…when, rather than being stationed at the borders, especially with Venezuela, they’re just “throwing back” in Georgetown and at the airport??
Why should SARA get $209 million for its director Clive Thomas and staff when they haven’t even recovered a single cent in assets for Guyana? And the list goes on and on…
Agriculture, on the other hand, isn’t just the largest employer in Guyana, but actually produces stuff that is exported to bring in foreign currency plus keep down the cost of the staples that keep body and soul together for most Guyanese! But, as the PNC Chair reminded us, their party’s position is to provide jobs for “the boys” (and girls!) who’re their friends and party members.
And since the Security Sector is 90 per cent PNC supporters while the Agriculture sector is probably 80per cent PPP, we can now understand why the (money) cookie crumbles the way it did. But sadly, like most old folks, the PNC don’t really think…they just remember. When the first PNC of Burnham was shoehorned into office by the CIA, it drastically reduced the spending on agriculture and expanded the armed forces by TEN TIMES with the money diverted.
The PNC honchos, therefore, aren’t fazed by the theoretical and historical demonstration that such a policy is doomed to failure and will bankrupt the country. Theoretically, it’s self-evident you can’t just keep spending and not produce. In fact, even Burnham knew this when he came up with the slogan “produce or perish”. Problem was – and remains – the PNC wants to “suck cane and blow whistle” at the same time!! And historically, the PNCites should remember that the economy collapsed and the country became bankrupt!!
With the 2019 Budget alone, the deficit – what happens when you spend more than you earn – has jumped to $37 billion and the overdraft from $43 million to $210 billion!! The promise of oil revenues has made the PNC giddy!
But as the US Report warns, they should look next door at what’s happened to Venezuela!!

…on travel
President Granger projects an avuncular image of frugality and rectitude that’s served him and the PNC he leads in good stead. So a lot of folks might’ve been jolted when they saw the travel bill he piled up after just three years in office – $209 million!! And lest you think your Eyewitness is insensitive in light of his latest travels, that number doesn’t include any travel for health reasons!!
Now, Gy$209 million isn’t chicken feed; and, in fact, to put it in perspective, it’s equal to US$1million!! Now that’s a whole lot of money for a country that still remains stuck down there with Haiti as the poorest in the hemisphere!! So exactly what was the President jetting around the world for, apart from having tea with the Queen at Buckingham Palace?
We’re told that, for one, he was “advancing the “Green State Development Strategy”. But weren’t we told the reason why this hasn’t even been laid in the National Assembly is because there needs to be broader “public consultations”?
Ah well…it’s only our money!!

…by Prime Minister Nagamootoo
Nagamootoo was questioned about $65 million specified as spent on the stalled “Constitutional Reform”. He claimed it wasn’t REALLY spent, and it’ll be returned to the Consolidated Fund!
With the PM’s Budget of $908 million, small change like $65 million can be misplaced, no?