“Sports is a universal language”, says Minister Allicock

By Timothy Jaikarran

At the conclusion of the 2019 Amerindian Heritage Games, it was agreed by many that the 2019 edition of the games was the biggest of all such events ever held.
The event was held under the theme “Maintaining our Traditional Practices while promoting a Green Economy”.

Indigenous Peoples Affairs Minister Sydney Allicock

Minister of Indigenous Peoples Affairs, Hon. Sydney C. Allicock, has said that sports in general is a universal language, and can bridge the game and bring social cohesion.
Speaking to this publication, the honourable Minister said, “Sports is what we can term a universal language, where there is no ethnic group, age, country; nothing but happiness, as long as you are an honest sportsman. I think this year’s Games is growing, it is bigger than last year’s. We have had very serious competition coming from all ten administrative regions, (and) we are looking forward to making things even better in the future.
“Despite the hiccups, I think there are rules that the regions will have to stick to to avoid setbacks and dissatisfaction. Even though we are in a growing process, the outcome that we have seen is very encouraging.”
The minister also said there are plans set in place for the year 2020, some of which are to have more interaction with the coaches in the regions, and even FIFA, as there have been opportunities which are encouraging to him.
He has thanked the fans for turning out to witness the Games and making it the success that it has become, and has said he believes that sports brings unity and everyone together.
“We have seen an increase in our Guyanese brothers and sisters from all ethnic races coming out to celebrate with us in our culture, and it feels as though we are one. These Heritage Games have become a Guyanese Heritage for us,” Minister Allicock has said.