St Cuthbert’s Mission elects CPG members

The Guyana Police Force (GPF) was on site to witness the formation of the St Cuthbert’s/Pakuri Community Policing Group (CPG) on Sunday.
The launch of the Community Policing Group marks a memorable occasion, as it is the first of its kind in the rapidly growing and developing community.
Pierre Andrews was elected Chairman with Orland Shuman as Vice-Chairman; Ameera Husain as Secretary; Rondi Phillips as Treasurer; Alana D’olliviera as Assistant Secretary/Treasurer and Alvoro Simon as the Public Relations Officer (PRO).
The committee members include Gary Shuman, Abid Husain, Neil Henry, Ian Shuman, Poonsammy Tomby, and Mahase Ramnarase.

Members of the newly-formed St Cuthbert’s/Pakuri Community Policing Group (CPG)

Station Sergeant at the St Cuthbert’s Police Outpost, who was present at the election, encouraged the new executives and members to maintain professionalism and indicated his willingness to work closely with the group.
The new group will play an active role in boosting security in the village as it prepares of its Heritage Celebrations on September 30.
The Guyana Police Force has been resuscitating several CPGs across Guyana. These groups were restructured with a focus on rebuilding, boosting their membership, and regaining trust within communities to prevent crime.
“The promoting of safe communities and neighbourhoods can only come through enabling and rebuilding of community trust and confidence through a system of volunteerism, using law-abiding citizens to bolster and aid the lawful, professional and human rights embracing efforts of Guyana Police Force,” Subject Minister Robeson Benn had stated.