Swift actions by GWI

Dear Editor,

Dr Richard Van West-Charles, along with his Billing and Customer Service Management teams, deserves open commendation for swiftly and actively addressing a matter surrounding Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI)’s service. This follows my ventilation, in an earlier Letter to the Editor a few days ago, regarding billing discrepancies on an account that I pay.

Guyana is a country where most officials and decision-makers upwards of supervisorial levels often claim to be busy with meetings and various forms of engagements all day long. It is a virtual impossibility to receive acknowledgements and responses to correspondence, much less meet with those types of gods in person, unless one holds a significant hierarchical position in society, or hails from the ABC caucus. I consider myself an ordinary citizen, with the singular focus of thriving for the best possible life while God gives me breath in Guyana. For this reason, I am absolutely impressed by the attitude, responsiveness and availability of the GWI management to address the matter I highlighted. My respect for them and their hard work has increased immensely.

Our meeting was cordial, fruitful, and gave hope for an unfolding new dimension of customer service.

A number of positive and promising outputs emanated from that engagement. The GWI team read and clearly understood the contents of my letter. They investigated the matter. There was a collaborative effort to resolve it. They availed themselves. They acknowledged what went wrong, and by whom. They provided an apology, and a resolution was immediately initiated to correct the problem.

Part of the aforementioned resolution lies with the Public Utilities Commission (PUC). Dr Van West-Charles and his team are already engaging the PUC on addressing the broader issues.

The issue I addressed, which many other consumers lament about, may not have required our engagement if the PUC and GWI were able to forge greater public awareness.

Nevertheless, expedient progress is being made in that regard, and I can only wish them well!


Orette Cutting