“The 15-man squad is still not going to change”, says Pollard, as he berates local journalist

During the aforementioned media conference on Tuesday, Kieron Pollard had contrasting approaches to answering questions about the non-selection of various players.In the case of Sunil Narine, when Jamaican Journalist Lennox Aldred clarified his question by saying, “I’m just saying it would be nice if you had an inform Sunil Narine in this World Cup squad.” Pollard wished to give no comment on the issue in order to avoid a narrative being formed.However, the same was not the case for Guyana Times Journalist Brandon Corlette, who wished to have another perception on Daren Bravo’s inclusion in the World Cup reserves.“What is the rationale behind Daren Bravo’s selection since his form has been patchy and his performance as well,” Corlette inquired of the West Indies Captain.After being served with the statistics on Bravo’s recent performance, as requested by Pollard, his first instinct was to jump to his countryman’s defense but settled on scolding the Guyanese Journalist for his inquiries.“If I could remember clearly, I don’t think that is actually accurate. I believe in the Sri Lanka series, he scored a hundred in that last game and then we played a couple ODI’s only after that and then he went into CPL after that,” the West Indian Skipper responded initially.He went on to berate Corlette saying, “Mr. Brandon Corlette, with all due respect, how come all these questions you have is always about the selection of the team at every given time?”Pollard went on to base his reaction on the belief that Roger Harper and Phil Simmons have already answered similar questions, stating, “Be that as it may, I believe the Chairman of Selectors (Roger Harper) would have given clarity on each and every individual, how they made the 15-man squad. I think for me to go on that, nothing is going to change, and by me trying to give you clarity on that, the 15-man squad is still not going to change.”Nonetheless, the West Indies captain went a step further to scrutinize Corlette’s line of questions.“I’m personally speaking to you at this point in time; every time you have to ask a question it’s all about an individual or individuals as to why they have been selected.”“I believe sometimes as a Caribbean person/journalist, at times you need to sometimes try to support us as cricketers and give us that positivity rather than each and every time question selection of an individual on a team, be it Darren Bravo, Jason Mohammed or why Hetmyer is not playing. That has been the train of your questions ever since. I do not have clarity on that, you can ask somebody else that question,” Pollard said, concluding his response on the matter.