The dead and migrated refused to vote for the APNU/AFC

Dear Editor,
This letter is addressed in part to Mr David Granger.
Mr David Granger: just because the writing is on the wall that your APNU+AFC caretaker Government lost the March 02, 2020 General Election, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t keep on fighting for your ideals, and keep moving forward and making progress.
But it is embarrassing, disrespectful and distasteful when the APNU+AFC continue raising concerns of deceased and migrated persons voting in the March 2 General and Regional Elections. It is APNU+AFC member Aubrey Norton who said, “We did not find any occurrence of this in the Coalition strongholds.”
This says much for the leadership of the APNU+AFC Adviser to the caretaker President to make a statement like this to the world and the people of Guyana: “When you call the names of the dead, they didn’t vote in APNU+AFC strongholds, neither those who migrated. But when we did the same in PPP strongholds, the answer was, ‘Yes, it’s crossed off’, and so we concluded (that) in PPP strongholds they were allowed to vote, and there is no evidence that that happened in the APNU+AFC strongholds.”
Guyanese, this statement is preposterous; contrary to any reason; absurd and ridiculous. These are learned men that Guyanese entrusted our country to be governed by over the last five years. What is this saying to the young people of Guyana?
I, for one, know that the dead and the migrated refused to vote for the APNU+AFC because of their stupidity.
All these allegations must be considered as trash talk; unfounded; without any basis, notwithstanding the garbage that is coming out of the mouths of these gentlemen day after day.

These are the irresponsible actions taken by the APNU+AFC leaders whom we thought were smart, intelligent men before 2015. They are all making themselves a side-show for the Guyanese citizens and the international communities.
This caretaker Administration is being looked upon as a circus of clowns. There are many Guyanese people around the country and the world who are very disappointed with the blatant assault on the Guyanese people.
It is as clear as day that the APNU+AFC lost the 2020 General and Regional Elections, and their supporters are now considering them failures.
As such, they are creating political distractions in every form, and are trying to blame the People’s Progressive Party/Civic for their loss.
The concocted ‘Nancy story’ that the PPP rigged these elections is enough evidence that the David Granger-led caretaker Government has become clueless and blind to what is truly unfolding in front of their eyes.
Your attack on the opposition parties will not save you from your own ignorance. The people of Guyana are already of the opinion that the APNU/AFC is unfit to lead this country “now or ever”. They all know that David Granger and his cabal are not to be trusted, and they have deceived mostly their supporters and the people of Guyana.
The media houses were truthful in reporting and explaining to the Guyanese people what had occurred in Guyana from May 2015 to May 2020. All the skullduggery and the blatant depravities that the APNU/AFC cabal have introduced in the electoral process, even Forbes Burnham, the Master Rigger of Guyana, could not have pulled off.
This APNU/AFC leadership has displayed the true sense of misery that comes from losing an election which has a wider impact. It is clear to the world and the citizens of Guyana that the APNU/AFC leadership is now questioning the legitimacy of the election process itself, an act that has undermine their trust in basic institutions of democracy.
The APNU/AFC leaders have stopped trusting our political institutions and have begun looking for alternative forums to make themselves heard.
Mr David Granger: the people of Guyana advise you to take the loss, understand it, and get okay with it. We are too tired of your party’s ramblings.

David Adams