The first lash…

…falls on the Granger regime
Guyanese had understandably become a bit anxious with the US’s evident reluctance to back up their tough talk on Granger and his rigging combine with some real action. Didn’t they understand that if they allowed a two-bit imposter like Granger and company to get away with thumbing their noses at the American Eagle, they were encouraging chaos in this hemisphere??  Who knows? The next thing you know, one of those islands with 400 people (according to Raphael Trotman!) might just decide to invite Kim Jong-un to deploy some of his A bombs on their sunlit beaches!! Pointed at the US!
Well, on behalf of the Trump Administration, US Secty of State Mike Pompeo just put the first “jumbie lash” on Granger and his sordid bunch of riggers. Took away all their visas and those of their immediate family members. No names were mentioned as yet…but we know who they are, don’t we?? And it’s not just Mingo and Lowenfield and the Three (govt) Stooges on the GECOM Commission – it includes all the riggers who’ve been hiding behind the scenes.
Pompeo couldn’t be clearer as to who he had in his sights – “all persons responsible for and complicit in undermining democracy in Guyana”. That’s a veery wide net!!
We’re talking about Ministers, officials, party members, and all those lawyers scurrying with all these frivolous suits to the Courts – just to prevent Claudette Singh from declaring the results of an election held almost FIVE MONTHS AGO!! And their families!! On top of the list, of course, is the Sanctimonious Gangster himself: David Granger – but not his son-in-law!! Actually, the most interesting part of Pompeo’s statement wasn’t the visa sanctions, but his calling out of Granger by name!! In the past, when threatening Guyana, US Government officials had referred to ‘the Guyana Govt”.
Not this time!! Pompeo was explicit: “The Granger Government must respect the results of democratic elections and step aside!” The Granger Government!! When, in the world of diplomacy, a threat moves from the anonymous “Guyana govt” to the personalised “Granger Govt”, you know Granger’s days are numbered. Next, it’ll be the “Granger regime” and then “Granger’s illegal regime” – right next to “Maduro’s illegal regime” next door!!
But the PNC has already signalled that this first lash mightn’t be enough. Aubrey Norton, whoM Hoyte had once contemptuously dismissed as his “creature”, came out in defence of Granger – most likely because of their hatred of Hoyte??
He insisted the PNC under Granger remains the Government of Guyana, and that sanctions aren’t going to make them budge!! We know he’s whistling in the dark.
Let’s see what happens when all their (recently fattened) bank accounts are frozen!!

…is reinforced
Now we know – if for no other reason than we all have relatives in the States – that the American political scene is quite polarised. Especially when an election’s coming right up in November. So when Democratic Senators from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee – and then the entire Committee – explicitly point out their differences with Republicans Trump and Pompeo – but totally support the administration’s sanctions on Granger’s Government, you know the PNC has no wriggle room. And hot on the heels of the American action came the Brits and Canucks preparing their censure.
The PNC had probably become emboldened by the fact that the CCJ really has no enforcement mechanism to ensure that their judgements were followed. They realised that the CCJ assumed they were decent citizens who observed the rule of law that holds us together as a society. Where are the CCJ’s bailiffs, they must’ve snickered?
Well, the international system has worked out its own methods of enforcement – based on treaties, for instance.
Moon a run till day ketch am!!

…doesn’t mean it’s over
Your Eyewitness has been warning from day one that the PNC will not go down easily. They really don’t care about even their own supporters.
Guyanese have to remain disciplined, and not fall for the PNC’s provocations.