Three Dominican Nationals each fined $15,000

Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan on Thursday fined three Dominican Republican Nationals ,000 each on three separate charges, for failing to comply with the conditions of their permit which granted them each one month stay in Guyana.
Yafieisi Mola Cordero, 26, Vianaly Medina Montano, 26, and Yolanda Rosario Hernandez all plead guilty to their charge which said, between 14 March and 16 April, 2016, at Georgetown, they failed to comply with the conditions of their permit, thereby exceeding their one-month stay.
According to the prosecution facts of Deniro Jones, the nationals came to Guyana via the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, and they were granted one month stay. They arrived on February 12 2016, and spent their time in Bartica, but on April 11, 2016, policemen in the area carried out a search where the three accused resided, their passports were checked and it was discovered they had expired permits.
Attorney Paul Fung-A-Fat told the court that his clients came to Guyana seeking a better life and they only overstayed one month, he noted they all have children back in the Dominican Republic.
When asked by Chief McLennan through an interpreter if they had anything to say as to why they overstayed their time, they all give the same answer, saying they like Guyana and want to learn more of the country.
Failure to pay ( 000 fine, will result in five days imprisonment.