Top Cop promises disciplinary action against corrupt cops

Police Commissioner Leslie James has promised that ranks found guilty of misconduct will not be condoned within the Guyana Police Force.

Police Commissioner Leslie James

The Commissioner’s statement comes as the GPF is celebrating its 180th Anniversary and a week after Crime Chief Lyndon Alves was sent on administrative leave to facilitate a probe into corruption allegations levelled against him.
James has acknowledged that there is the pervasive issue of corruption among his ranks.
Among the allegations against Alves is his alleged use of his influence during his tenure as Commander of B Division to protect rogue cops. Another allegation levelled against the Crime Chief is his reported influence used to prevent his daughter, who was involved in an accident, from being charged. In that incident, the young woman allegedly struck four-year-old Mohan Ramkaran close to his Tuschen, East Bank Essequibo (EBE) home.
However, after she was arrested, she was later placed on $20,000 station bail and over two years later, she is yet to be charged.
Meanwhile, the Top Cop in a statement said, “…the membership of the Guyana Police Force number in excess of seven thousand (7000), most of whom have been professional, law-abiding, conscientious and humble. And for those who chose to run contrary, disciplinary actions have been taken against them”.

Improved service
Commissioner James said as the Force proceeds further in 2019, the administration seeks to strengthen systems that will result in improved service to communities and citizens of Guyana.
The Commissioner highlighted that in 2019, the Force will seek to bolster its system of prosecution through the operationalisation of the Police Prosecutors’ Coordinating Unit.
Additionally, the Training Board will be operationalised, which will evaluate and supervise the revision of the Force’s training curricula as necessary.
The Traffic Advisory Board will also be operationalised, which will evaluate traffic management posture and coordinate appropriate improvement strategies.  He noted that the Force will realign its divisional boundaries to the regional administrative boundaries to foster greater cooperation at the regional level as well as strengthen the management of Divisions and commitment by ranks.
The Police Force is celebrating 180 years of being in existence; a celebration which commenced on July 1.
As the anniversary is being observed under the theme, “Serving and protecting our nation through collaboration and dedication”, on Tuesday Commissioner of Korps Politie Suriname Roberto Prade, who is visiting Guyana for the occasion, met with Commissioner James and other senior ranks and discussed matters that commonly affect both countries such as human trafficking, drugs trafficking and smuggling of arms and ammunition and several other aspects of transnational crimes.
They also discussed the importance of strengthening their intelligence sharing arms and contining to work closer.