UG’s new security measures lengthy, flawed – students

Several students of the University of Guyana (UG) have voiced their opinions into the latest security measures implemented by the institution in light of the recent bomb threats.
While there has been an increase in security officers to man the gates, the students believe that instead of outsiders, they are being monitored heavily.
This is evident since they were told to produce the institution’s identification card in order to gain entry. In contrary, strangers who are visiting the institution are showing up and in most cases, are not required to provide any form of identification. Upon entry, they are provided with a visitor’s badge and can access almost any facility on campus.
A student from the Health Sciences Faculty who requested anonymity, stated “I feel as though there is still a threat to us because persons are coming in and we don’t know who they are and they’re just granted access without an ID card. This is allowing anybody to come in and we don’t know what their intention is”.
Meanwhile, another lobbied for the tertiary institution to adopt a better approach, especially during this period when threats are being sent to a number of organisations.
“If they can provide like a better way of scanning who comes here, it’s going to be a relief for us. As of now, we’re still scared that something might happen and we’re not prepared,” the student related.
Concerns were also raised about the lengthy time it takes before persons are issued with the visitor’s passes.
During a recent visit to the campus, security officers were conducting checks and Police presence was visible. A meeting on Monday last with the Vice-Chancellor of UG, Professor Ivelaw Griffith, assured that increased security measures have been put in place at the educational facility.
All persons and vehicles entering the campus will now require some form of identification, which began on Wednesday last. The new protocol will be conducted for a two-week span which will be trailed by an evaluation to produce required modifications.
Additionally, all vehicles entering will be checked for the University’s sticker.
He said the University will be restricting access through the south gate unless an identification badge or sticker is provided. Additionally, random vehicles will be searched.
In relation to the threats made against the institution, Sheliza Dianne Jafarally was charged and remanded to prison until February 18.
The threats emerged two weeks ago on two consecutive days, causing much chaos on campus as hundreds of students ran towards the fields. Law enforcement ranks later assessed the situation and no explosives were found. These threats came after other schools were similarity terrorised.
Deputy Commissioner, Linden Alves clarified that the Guyana Police Force (GPF) is not working in isolation on this case and is, in fact, seeking the aid of regional and international expertise.