Walter Rodney lives

Dear Editor,
The PPP/C Government’s recent announcement to correct the historical falsification of the death of revolutionary intellectual Walter Rodney is an extraordinary step in ensuring that Rodney’s contributions to the struggle to remove the Burnhamite dictatorship lives in the consciousness of future generations.
The old saying that one’s man revolutionary is another’s terrorist holds true in reference to Walter. He definitely drove terror in the hearts and minds of Burnham’s PNC dictatorship.
They were mortally afraid of his message of demystifying the racial and class contradictions that were leading to a mass multi- racial movement that threatened the very existence of the Burnhamite dictatorship.
This is the reason for the PNC to deliberately degrade the status of Rodney by stating that he was unemployed and died due to misadventure. Stating the true nature of Walter’s death by assassination, and recognising his prodigious scholarship are due homage to a great patriot.
Correcting this historical misinformation ensures that Walter lives.

Yours sincerely,
Reggie Bhagwandin