Woolford Avenue the new ‘hot spot’ for night sports

The dedication to ensure that sports will be a major part of life in the post COVID-19 era is definitely real, as is evident from the investments being made by the various entities along Woolford Avenue and Thomas Lands.
Ever since the Guyana Golf Association partnered with the Scouts Association of Guyana and the Guyana Teachers Union to upgrade their grounds and bring another sport into the heart of the city, the area has become a magnet for development.
If you haven’t had a chance to pass by recently, it’s worth a visit to see the fully lit golf driving range that meets international service standards and is open daily until 9pm.
And as if that weren’t enough, massive renovations underway at the Muslim Youth Organization ground will see a total redo of the sports facility to include a floodlit ball field to encourage night play when it’s much cooler, and this would extend the hours of use of the facility.
Sports fans already have access to go-kart racing at the GMRSCA race track, and the GNIC is racing to upgrade its cricket ground as per its maintenance programme, so the entire Woolford Avenue would be showpiece for a wide range of sporting activities.
Add to that the Queen’s College ground which is now in possibly itsbest condition as the much-anticipated return of cricket and football is evidently imminent.
Not to be outdone, ACDA has expended great effort to redo its facility, which would complete renaissance of the Woolford Avenue-Thomas Lands area.
Youthful Minister Charles Ramson has a strong focus on sports, and it is clear that all sports disciplines, organisations and grounds are in full support of this direction the country is taking to build events for its youths.
Head of the Guyana Golf Association, Aleem Hussain, has said, “It is exciting to see all the emphasis on upgrading of the surrounding grounds, because it would lend to the growth of all sports and bring more athletes into the ‘Sports Corridor’ in Georgetown.”
Over the past few years, golf has risen in popularity, especially among women and children; and the Woolford Avenue location has helped to make it more accessible to persons who wish to try the sport without the cost of investing in equipment.
Now with a wider choice of activities and lighted grounds, families can spend longer hours outdoors, and enjoy physical activities under strict social distancing guidelines.