10 teams to contest EDFA League

Following in the footsteps of a number of Regional Member Associations (RMAs) from across the country, the East Demerara Football Association (EDFA), on Thursday morning launched their Senior Men’s League in collaboration with the Stag Beer brand.

EDFA President Gregory Wickham and Guyana’s Breweries’
Mikhail DaSilva flanked by team representatives and other EDFA executives

10 teams based on the East Coast of Demerara will do battle for the top spot in the Regional Member Association (RMA), inclusive of the Elite League teams in the area.
Similar to the leagues in other parts of the country, the action will commence on Sunday, May 15. The EDFA’s first host venue will be the Golden Grove Ground.
Guyana Breweries Inc, under the Stag Beer brand will be the title sponsors of the EDFA’s league, with Marketing Manager Mikhail DaSilva reiterating Stag’s commitment to sport.
“As you would know, Stag has been supportive of local talent and by extension Sports in Guyana, especially where football is concerned. As most persons would’ve mentioned, the pandemic for the last few years has really prevented us from having such activities planned but this tournament gives a breath of fresh air, not only to the football fans, but athletes themselves, giving them another chance to play at high levels,” DaSilva shared with the gathering at Guyana Breweries Inc’ East Coast Demerara office.
EDFA General Secretary Gidell Austin disclosed the 10 teams participating, namely; Airy Hall All Stars, Mahaica Determinators, Ann’s Grove United, Victoria Kings, Victoria Scorpions, Dynamic FC, Haslington FC, Melanie FC, Buxton Stars and Buxton United.
Austin went on to remind the teams of the importance of disciplined behaviour.
“To the clubs, we want lots of discipline to be on show at our tournament. We do not want fighting, remember the referee’s decision is always final. Regardless of what you do, whatever the referee says will stand,” The EDFA General Secretary said.
He added, “I am pleading with you guys at this forum. Let us try as much as possible to adhere to the ruling of the referee so we could have a nice, clean tournament.”
Austin also expressed his gratitude to the sponsors, articulating his hope that their relationships will see longevity.
“We wouldn’t want this to be the first and last engagement we have with Guyana Breweries Inc. we will definitely want this to be a partnership that will grow from year to year and as we go down the road, the sponsorship will increase. We’re grateful for this,” Austin related.
On the other hand, EDFA President Gregory Wickham also had words for the teams, highlighting that this is their opportunity to showcase their skills, for a bid at the National teams.
“I’m confident that this tournament will exhibit a number of players who want to showcase their talents. The intention is, behind the launching and the programmes we’re going to run off, is that we want to have our best players, because we’re thinking we want to make the national team,” Wickham explained.
He further stated, “So, players you’re encouraged to do your best. As they say in the world of sports, the scouts will be out there looking to see and then they’re making their little jottings. You can rest assured, that as your perform on the field, you will not go unnoticed.”
The leagues playing days will be Saturday and Sunday at the Buxton and Golden Grove Grounds respectively. Two games are expected to be played on each day. Similarly to the other 9 RMAs across the country, teams attached to the Associations received a quantity of equipment, to assist in their in-house training.