200 acres of cassava fields being destroyed by caterpillars

– NAREI providing assistance to farmers

The National Agricultural Research and Extension Institute (NAREI) is currently providing assistance to farmers in riverine areas desperately battling caterpillar infestation.
According to a statement from the NAREI, extension officers in Region Two (Pomeroon Supenaam) were informed on May 4 about the infestation in the riverine communities and an assessment was subsequently done to determine the gravity of the situation.
It was discovered that over 200 acres of cassava farms were infested.

NAREI Extension Officers interact with farmers
NAREI Extension Officers interact with farmers

Extension officers were immediately dispatched and are assisting farmers in Wakapoa, Curimaru, Myrie and Yarrashirima who are affected by the infestation.
NAREI is assisting the farmers with chemicals (best-tac, fast-tac, or alpha-cypermethrin) to combat the pest. These chemicals are available on the local market.
Extension officers will also be conducting informal training sessions to educate farmers about the safe and effective use of the chemicals for optimal result.
In addition, NAREI will be working closely with the Toshaos and Village Councils to ensure all affected farms are treated.
The statement noted that NAREI is very cognisant of the devastating effects caterpillar infestation would have on crops and by extension the communities.
As such, farmers are asked to be watchful and report any abnormalities to extension officers immediately.