3 M&CC staff to be disciplined for cashing Council’s cheques

The Mayor and City Council (M&CC) on Monday carried a motion to have disciplinary measures taken against three of five staff after they cashed cheques belonging to the Council.
According to reports, the three employees would usually collect money from the various markets in Georgetown and deposit it into the Council’s bank account. However, they allegedly cashed several personal cheques that were issued to the Council.
However, on Monday, during a statutory meeting, acting Town Clerk Sherry Jerrick informed the Council that an investigation into the alleged financial irregularities had been completed by the Local Government Commission (LGC).
She noted that the LGC had found that three out of the five employees were involved in the incident and urged the Council to make a decision in this regard. As a result, a motion was put forward to have the three employees suspended, transferred, and repay the money.
Seven Councillors voted in favour of the motion, while two voted against and three abstained from voting. Consequently, a letter will be dispatched to the LGC, informing them of the decision in which the disciplinary actions will be enforced at the next sitting of the Council, which is slated for November 23.
In an invited comment, the Mayor of Georgetown, Ubraj Narine, revealed that the alleged mastermind walked off the job.
Reports are that the discovery was made by controversial City Treasurer John Douglas and Town Clerk (ag) Sherry Jerrick.  It was then brought to the attention of Mayor Ubraj Narine.
As a consequence, the five workers were sent on administrative leave, pending the outcome of the probe. However, two will be reinstated with immediate effect.
Earlier this year, the LGC had endorsed a recommendation to have disciplinary measures taken against several officers after monies belonging to the Council were found in a bag in one of the entity’s vehicles.
According to reports, on June 20, 2019, a bag with revenues collected from Bourda Market was found in a vehicle inside City Hall’s compound. At the time, the bank drop had already been made, and the bag with the money was not deposited.
Those suspended were: City Treasurer John Douglas (two months), Iva Bryan (two months), Sonia Pit (three weeks), and Yolanda Forde (one month). Meanwhile, Clerk of Markets Sherlock Lovell, along with Felicia McRae, were issued warning letters. (G1)