8th annual Payless Variety Store 11-race cycling set for Saturday

Cyclists will gear up this Saturday, October 26 for the eighth annual Payless Variety Store 11-race cycling program at the National Park, Thomas Lands from 9:00h.

Flashback! 2018 top performers of the Payless Variety Store 11-race cycle program

Reflecting on the 2018 event, the in-form Briton John clocked in at one hour 17 minutes 44.94 seconds, ahead of the in-form Paul DeNobrega in his win. It was a thrilling finish as John fended off DeNobrega in a powerful sprint to the finish line.
Meanwhile, veteran Junior Niles finished third while Christopher Griffith (fourth), Alexis Mendes (fifth) and Paul Cho Wee Nam finished (sixth) were the other top finishers. Eight prime prizes were up for grabs and John copped two, while Niles had three, DeNobrega two and Griffith one.
Tavishte Persaud won the BMX Boys and Girls 9-12 race while Niles was victorious in the Veterans U-50 event, ahead of Nigel London and Jaikarran Sukhai who were second and third respectively.
Linden Blackman was the first Over-50 veteran across the line while Kennard Lovell and Chamar Baksh finished second and third. Briton John beat Adealie Hodge in the Juveniles 10-lap event while Sherwin Sampson took third place. A representative from Payless Variety Store will grace their presence at the presentation ceremony.