AAG National Seniors on this weekend

Two days of action-packed track and field events are scheduled for the National Track and Field Centre (NTFC), West Coast Demerara (WCD) across Saturday, June 15 and Sunday, June 16, as the Athletics Association of Guyana (AAG) hosts its annual National Senior Championships.
According to the Association, some 200 athletes are signed up to showcase their skills with 13 overseas- based athletes and four Trinidadian athletes among the crop.
Given that the National Seniors come at a time during the Olympic qualification period, both the Competition Director Mark Scott and AAG President Amanda Hermonstine are confident that fireworks will be witnessed.
“Well, we expect everyone to come here and give their peak performance, because also, it’s qualification for Olympics. This meet is also a qualifier, so, we expect the athletes to perform at this meet, whether local or foreign, they will come to do their best to try to qualify for Olympics,” Scott shared.

Competition Director Mark Scott

Hermonstine subsequently chimed in, “We know they will try at this meet and they also have the Aliann Pompey on the 22nd. So, to my mind, we should expect nothing but the best from these athletes. We understand sometime your best athlete having an off day, but we’re just hoping that they give of their best and be able to qualify for the Olympics.”
Meanwhile, Scott disclosed that the starter system has been updated ahead of the competition to facilitate a smoother starting process.
Scott informed, “We have bought a new starting system and it was tested yesterday [Wednesday] and everything is in working order in preparation for Saturday and Sunday.”
“It’s the same systems actually, as the old system. It’s just that we replace like the horn, the gun. It’s not like what you’re accustomed overseas where the blocks is attached to the horn and those kinds of things. So, we won’t have that trouble with you not hearing and we have to amplify the sound through a speaker, like we had at the last meet,” the Competition Director added.
In revealing that the first- to third-place prizes for races will be $15,000, $10,000 and $5000, AAG General Secretary James Cole made a plea for more corporate sponsorship.
“And our problem is because of the financial constraints we have been encountering. I have made a plea, only yesterday to corporate Guyana, to come on board and to push with us, with the Association. So, that our athletes will want to compete,” Cole divulged.
He further explained, “The rewards out there is what will propel our athletes and that should not only be the key factor for them coming to compete. But I’m coming into a competition, I will look to see what is the gain. So, we’re asking corporate Guyana to chip in with us, so that we can make our athletes in Guyana feel comfortable with what we’re going to give.”
The track and field action is expected to commence at 10:00h on both days.