Accusation of ‘secret meeting’ debunked by stakeholders

Several stakeholders have come forward to debunk claims being made by the APNU/AFC that there was a “secret meeting” between Frank Anthony, Sasenarine Singh and IT staff of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM).

Anthony, during an interview with media operatives, dismissed the allegations, explaining that he was merely making a few inquiries in a room with about 20 people.

Anthony said he was informing the IT official about an issue with the audio feed during yesterday’s tabulation process as well as inquiring about the start of today’s tabulation exercise.

The claims about a “secret meeting” were also debunked by the Presidential Candidates of the Liberty and Justice Party and The Citizenship Initiative.

LJP Leader Lenox Shuman, in a social media post, said “this is not only irresponsible; it is also very dangerous.”

He added that it is “reckless propaganda”.

“To see this propaganda also making its way to Mr Granger’s Facebook page speaks volumes to the motives behind such commentary,” Shuman stated.

TCI’s Leader Rhonda Ann Lam also stated in social media post that: “I am in the tabulation room. There was no secret meeting nor cloak and dagger hastily arranged meetings. We all heard the IT Head repeat what he was asked and his answer. In fact, close to 20 people heard it. This is irresponsible posting to incite a party base and malign people’s character. It can also put Gecom staff at risk.”