Avoid being consumed by negativity, unwarranted criticism – Finance Minister

…life-size bust of Yesu Persaud unveiled

Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh has urged Guyanese to avoid becoming consumed by negativity and unwarranted criticism.

Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh

Dr Singh made this appeal while delivering remarks at a ceremony for the unveiling of a life-size bust of renowned businessman, philanthropist and founding chairman of the Institute of Private Enterprise and Development (IPED), Yesu Persaud, CCH.
According to a Department of Public Information (DPI) report, he said that the former DDL Chairman has been leading a life of positivity, which should be emulated.
“We live in an age of great negativity. It’s very easy to criticise… and in today’s world, the default position is to be negative and critical,” he noted.

Yesu Persaud

The Minister believes that this age of negativity is caused primarily by social media, which provides a veil of anonymity that emboldens critics.
Dr Singh stressed that constructive criticism is good and a healthy component of democratic cultures.
“But I also feel that it’s important as a society that we do not get consumed by negativity, and that we are not hesitant or shy about being positive.”

The bust of the renowned businessman, philanthropist and founding chairman in the IPED foyer

He said there are many positive things that persons could embrace. In this regard, the Minister pointed to the life and work of the iconic 92-year-old, who, as a result of his outstanding service, has received some 28 national and international awards, including the Cacique Crown of Honour, Guyana’s second highest national honour, and three honorary doctorates from the University of Warwick, University of the West Indies, and the University of Guyana. Persaud, a past Chairman of the West Indies Spirits Producers Association, also founded Demerara Bank Ltd, Diamond Fire and General Insurance Inc and Trust Company (Guyana) Ltd.
“His life was exemplified, not lamenting what can’t be done or why things can’t be done or what is negative, but instead, identifying opportunities that can be built upon, and things that can be created in a positive way. Everything that we’ve achieved has exemplified that,” Minister Singh said.
Citing one of Tradewinds’ hits “Where are your heroes?”, the Finance Minister said Dr Persaud was both a Guyanese and Caribbean hero. He said Guyanese should not be afraid to applaud his remarkable contributions to Guyana.
Indian High Commissioner, Dr KJ Srinivasa; IPED Board Members and immediate past Chief Executive Officer Ramesh Persaud and Major General (ret’d) Joe Singh also attended the function, which was held at IPED.