BCB fulfills commitment to sub- associations and umpires’ body

… total of $350,000 handed over

The Berbice Cricket Board has fulfilled its commitment to three sub-associations and the umpires’ association in the county of Berbice. BCB President Hilbert Foster, during recent outreach visits and meetings with the clubs in the Upper Corentyne and West Berbice areas, had committed the board to making a historic financial grant to the sub-associations. Foster had also made a similar commitment to the Imran Moakan-led Berbice Cricket Umpires Association.
The Upper Corentyne Cricket Association, led by Dennis D’Andrade, and the West Berbice Cricket Association, whose President is David Black, each received one hundred thousand dollars, while the Berbice River Cricket Association would shortly visit the board’s office to uplift a contribution of fifty thousand dollars. The BCUA also collected one hundred thousand dollars, which would be used for training of umpires as the BCB strives to uplift the standard of the game across the county.
Foster has encouraged the association to double its membership as the current number of umpires available is not enough for the large number of tournaments organised by the vibrant board. The BCB President stated that his administration valves the contributions of umpires, and would work with the association to fulfill its mandate.

BCB Treasurer Dr Cecil Beharry handing over financial grant to WBCA President David Black

The BCB is also expected to hand over caps and t-shirts to the umpires shortly, with sponsorship provided by Minister of Agriculture Zulifar Mustapha.
The WBCA would use the financial grant to purchase cricket balls for the nine clubs in the area. The clubs include Blairmont, Bath, Cotton Tree, Bush Lot United, Bush Lot Rising Stars, Cotton Tree, D’ Edward and Paradise.
The BCB recently handed over pitch cover to the area worth $324,000, while clubs in West Berbice have also benefited from cricket balls, catching cribs, cricket gear, stumps, water pitchers, rain coats, scorebooks, bicycles and five grass cutters.
A cricket academy for youth players would also be held shortly, as the BCB pushes ahead with a comprehensive development plan for the county. The UCCA would use its financial grant to assist in the administration of the game in the largest sub- association in the county, between Black Bush Polder to Moleson Creek. A total of twenty-eight teams make up the sub-association. They included Skeldon Titans, No 72 Cut and Load, 73 Young Warriors, Scottsburg, Dukestown, Rama Krishna, No 43 and Crab Wood Creek.
Teams in the area have received over three million dollars’ worth of items from the BCB over the last three years, including balls, scorebooks, cricket gear, six grass cutters and catching cribs. The BCB and UCCA have also organised numerous tournaments for teams in the area at different levels – under 19, 100 balls, 20/20, 40 overs and fifty overs.
The Berbice River Cricket Association is the smallest of the sub-associations in the county with four teams. The teams are Ebini, Sand Reef, Wiruni and Kimbia.
Funds handed over would be used to provide balls for the clubs. WBCA President David Black expressed gratitude to the BCB for the financial grant and for the interest in the development of the game in the area. UCCA President Dennis D’Andrade hailed the cooperation of the Foster-led BCB as unmatched, as never previously had his sub-association benefited like it did over the last four years.
Both Presidents committed their association to working along with the BCB to develop the game even more in the future.