Biggest confusion in Govt since Independence

Dear Editor,
History will confirm that in the four years and five months of his rule in Guyana, Mr David Granger produced the biggest confusion in Government that has ever existed since independence. It is now clear as day why both Burnham and Hoyte saw it fit not to promote him to the Head of the GDF although he had more time in service than others who served in that top role. Was it his poor leadership skills?
After four years and five months, his Government is constantly in chaos, with officials having no idea what he wants them to do, and nobody being entirely clear as to who was actually in charge of what. He procrastinates wildly when asked to make difficult decisions, and would often end up relying on gut feelings and knee jerk last-minute reactions, leaving even close allies in the dark about his plans. His “unreliability had those who worked with him pulling out their hair,” one insider on Vlissengen Road told me this week. This insider was so frustrated that he said that rather than carrying out the duties of the State, they spend most of their time second-guessing what he likes and what not to do to offend him in an attempt to either win his approval or avoid his attention altogether, depending on what mood he was in that day.
These revelations confirm that Guyana made the mistake of putting a work-shy narcissist in charge, who has not successfully run anything. But the outcome from such a situation has now manifested itself into a report from no less an agency than the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). In that IDB Report (source: which was captioned “WAIT NO MORE” one can find information that confirms that Guyana has the highest percentage of people who pay bribes in exchange for service across the Caribbean. The reality, from all indications, is that the situation has deteriorated under Mr Granger’s watch. However, rather than tackle this plague frontally, the strategy being used by team Granger is to blame the former PPP/C Government which left office more than four years ago. This begs the question, what did team Granger do with the $1.4 trillion spent since they came into office?
As our elders caution, with 61 days to elections, long time gone, short time left.

With regards,
Sasenarine Singh