Budget loose ends?

Satiricus breathed a sigh of relief as he sauntered into the Back Street bar. The Budget was done and he wouldn’t have to put up with all the nonsense that went on under the cover of “debate”. There would be the last day, when there would be voting on the individual “line items”. But since usually the Speaker didn’t even bother to look up after asking, “Those in favour say, ‘Aye’,” Satiricus didn’t plan on showing up.
“But Sato, dat might be de day wid de bigges’ action!” exclaimed Cappo, after Satiricus had unloaded his opinion to the fellas.
“Trust me, Cappo, listening to the vote on the line items is like looking at grass growing!” exclaimed Satiricus.
“But yuh na rememba if Jagdesh get two a dem guvment MP fuh vote ‘gainst de Budget, de whole guvment gat fuh resign?” asked Bungi.
“That’s right,” confirmed Hari. “If a government can’t pass a “spending bill”, it’s just like a no-confidence vote!”
“I think Jagdesh will wait for the real no-confidence motion afterwards,” said Satiricus, as he downed his beer. “And I just can’t take it anymore with the antics in Parliament.”
“Yuh mean like yuh ole fr’en’ Rum Jhaat who seh w’en PPCEE call fuh save suga’, da jus’ like w’en Volga seh dem guh hiya only Pee’nSee people!?” asked Cappo.
“Abee cane cutta neva get mo’ dan 50% fuh show up,” pointed out Bungi. “De PPCEE sh’u’da seh dem only guh hiya Pee’nSee people too!!”
“To cut cane under the boiling sun?” asked Hari. “Naah!! Volga was talking about air-conditioned jobs!!”
“Rum Jhaat was just trying to suck up to Volga,” said Satiricus. “I asked him if he had no shame.”
“Shame?” asked Cappo. “’E waan fuh keep ‘e jab. But fish ah play ah sea, ‘e nah know watah ah boil fuh am!!”
“Yep!” agreed Bungi. “But since ‘e already ah dead meat, e’ na good fuh nobady!!”
“Well, fellas, I have some bad news,” said Hari. “Not being a friend of Volga or a born Pee’nSee, I was just fired from my job at GRA.”
“What?” asked Satiricus. “What are you going to do?”
“Sell plantain chips!” said Hari.