CCAC resolved $107M in consumer complaints in 2022

The Competition and Consumer Affairs Commission (CCAC) successfully secured redress for aggrieved consumers by enforcing the Consumer Affairs Act (CAA) of 2011.
During the period under review, the Commission received 410 complaints which amounted to a total value of $261,202,298.
Of this, 87 per cent were resolved to the value of $107,094,899 while the other 13 per cent are ongoing cases.
As in previous years, the electronics/electronics, appliance/appliance services, and the auto industry continued to dominate the categories of complaints.
The auto industry accounted for the highest value of complaints to the value of $165,969,600.
Region 4 generated the highest number of complaints with 293, followed by Region 3 with 64, Region 10 with 27, and Region 6 with 14.
The CCAC reports that 1005 business inspections were conducted in eight of the ten administrative regions for compliance with the Consumer Affairs Act.
“Three hundred and ninety-seven of the businesses inspected were in conformance. At the same time, the other 608 were made aware of their duties under the CAA and were given the opportunity to bring their operations into conformance,” CCAC stated.
In an effort to further increase compliance, the Commission also translated the excerpt of the Consumer Affairs Act 2011 to Mandarin. This document was handed over to the Chinese Association last December.
An inaugural compliance awards ceremony was launched in November 2022 where five businesses were awarded, and long-standing consumer Advocate Pat Dial was awarded Consumer Advocate of the year.
For the first time, the Commission introduced compliance certificates that were issued to compliant businesses.
The Commission will, in 2023, continue to host outreaches in all ten regions in its programme to increase awareness of the Consumer Affairs Act and the role of the Commission.