Coastal residents, mariners warn about high tide

The Public Infrastructure Ministry has issued a notice to the public, sending advice to take precautions during the impending high tide season, which is expected in the coming weeks.
During the period of February 17 to 23, predictions indicate that the tides will rise above normal levels and the Sea and River Defence Department estimate that flooding will occur in areas which are susceptible to such situations due to storm surges and overtopping of sea defence structures.
The areas include the Pomeroon River banks, Sans Souci to Sarah on Wakenaam Island; Canefield/Amsterdam, Endeavour/Blenheim and Cane Garden on Leguan Island; Windsor Forest to De Willem on the West Coast of Demerara (WCD); and Parika Market area to Salem and Sparta on the East Bank of Essequibo.
Georgetown is expected to receive flooding along Water Street while Chapman Grove/Greenfield, Helena Number Two and Mahaica on the East Coast of Demerara will also be affected.
The Ministry has stated that the tides are expected to be 3.30 metres on Tuesday at 15:54h and on Wednesday at a height of 3.35 metres at 16:42h.
Precautions should be taken by mariners as well, especially those who operate fishing and large vessels. Visiting the beach during this period for recreational activities is not advised.