Cousin finds 60-year-old partially decomposed in ECD home

A family member of a 60-year-old man was left in shock after he stumbled upon the partially decomposed remains of his cousin.
Police said the body of Roystan Lam of Bachelor’s Adventure, East Coast Demerara (ECD), was found around 17:45h at his home on Thursday.
Commander of Regional Division Four C, Senior Superintendent Khali Pareshram said after receiving a report, the scene was visited by a party of Police at about 18:10h, where the man’s body was found.
It was reported that Lam lived alone in a one-storey wooden structure. He was last seen alive on April 29, 2022, by neighbours.
However, at about 17:55h on Thursday evening, the man’s cousin told Police that he visited Lam’s residence and made several calls but got no answer. Upon investigating closer, a foul smell was emanating from the house.
The Police were immediately summoned, and upon their arrival, the man was found lying on his back.
The scene was processed and photographed by the Police. The body was then pronounced dead by a doctor attached to the Georgetown Public Hospital. It was later taken to the Merriman Funeral Parlour for storage.
Police in their report said that the Lam’s home was not ransacked, and no foul play was suspected. Several persons were also questioned.
Investigators further said that based on the information they received, the deceased suffered from hypertension.
Investigations are in progress. (G9)