Domestic violence victim commits suicide

A 22-year old woman of Bagotstown, East Bank Demerara (EBD), took her own life on Monday morning after reportedly being the victim of domestic abuse at the hands of her partner.
Dead is Tinesha (only name given), whose lifeless body was discovered hanging from the ceiling with her one-year-old child standing nearby.
A neighbour, who lives on the upper flat of the two-storey building, related that hours prior to the incident, a heated argument had ensued between the woman and her partner.
This resulted in several attempts by the Landlord to resolve the quarrels, the neighbour stated.
“I know Sunday morning they were rowing bad before I go to church. The Chinese lady in front come and talk to them and then I heard that she come again because they had a bigger argument,” the neighbour said.
However, she recalled that upon returning home in the evening, the woman and her partner, known only as “Kumar,” were at home.
“Me ain’t really hear anything when I come home Sunday night. My daughter work and then she come home like around 12:30h. I didn’t hear anything, but you would usually see that light on and know that they’re there. Just after that though, we heard crying like about one o’clock Monday morning.”
She noted that subsequently, cries were heard emanating from the house. However, according the neighbour on Monday, Kumar, shouted out for neighbours, claiming that he heard the child crying and when he went to check on the child, he saw his reputed wife handing from the ceiling. The neighbour said the couple moved into the house only six weeks ago. According to the neighbour, Kumar then called Tinesha’s family, who did not believe that she was dead.
“He called her parents and they didn’t believe him, so he take a picture of her and send it to them and then they come with the Police.”
Guyana Times was told by a neighbour that Kumar was an employee of a nearby welding shop and was very abusive to his partner.
Another neighbour said that the woman faced daily abuse and they have since related this to the Police. A post-mortem examination is scheduled to be conducted today. Kumar is currently in Police custody.