Easter Swimming Programme restarted after 2-year inactivity

Back in 2020, the Culture, Youth and Sport Ministry’s and National Sports Commission’s “Teach Them Young” Easter Swimming Programme was put on hold given the surge of COVID-19 cases in Guyana at that time.
Now, after two years of dormancy, the programme is back on track , making its grand return on Monday morning, with scores of youths turning up to learn the skill.
Director of Sport, Steve Ninvalle, at the opening ceremony on Monday morning at Colgrain Pool in Georgetown, touched on the inclusion of other locations and the usual fees being waived.

A number of the participants in this year’s “Teach Them Young” swimming programme

“This year, we have the largest turnout, we will also be in Linden and Berbice. And again, we have waived the fees for all and this is something the Honourable Minister has embraced also,” Ninvalle shared.
The Director of Sport added, “So, I hope that coming out of this, when we get into the nursery of the National Swimming Programme, we will have just as many participants.”
Meanwhile, in her remarks, NSC Commissioner Cristy Campbell teased the launch of the National Swimming Academy, as she expressed the intention of witnessing a similar turnout.
She related to the young swimmers, “I want you to know that when this programme concludes, it’s not the end to our support for swimming and developing your talent. Because in another few weeks, we are also preparing to launch the National Swimming Academy, which is fully funded by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, through the National Sports Commission.”
Campbell went on to state, “So, you can look forward to continuity in our support to swimming.”
Guyana Amateur Swimming Association (GASA) President Dwayne Scott said he appreciated the renewed interest in the sport.
“I must say that GASA and the affiliation would be extremely happy to see this level of interest in our sport. I give the task to the coaches to make sure we can work to transcend interest into reality and that this interest can be developed into potential swimmers, potential national representatives for Guyana.”
Scott then turned to the topic of the Colgrain Pool’s rehabilitation, expressing, “On behalf of GASA, I would like to share appreciation to the Ministry of Sport and Culture, for this development or improvement in the Colgrain facility. It was long awaited, it’s been in the works for a few months now; it is a very improved facility which will give your great pride.”
The Swimming Programme has been opened to children 6-16 years old and will be hosted at Colgrain Pool in Georgetown, Watooka Guesthouse in Linden, Albion Estate in Berbice and the National Aquatic Centre in Liliendaal, Greater Georgetown.