Fire erupts at home of Housing Minister’s son

Fire fighters in Linden, Region 10, managed to save the Ameila’s Ward home of the son of Junior Communities Minister Valerie Patterson, after a fire believed to be electrical in nature erupted there.

The blaze started at about 20:00h at the concrete and wooden building when Lindy Sharpe was not at home. According to information reaching the Guyana Times, the fire started in the bottom flat of the house and completely damaged a room as it spread throughout the building.

However, quick response by the Fire Service saw firefighters preventing the blaze from completely gutting the building.

Contacted on Saturday evening by this newspaper, Sharpe was unaware that his home was on fire at the time, as he was in another part of the town.

Meanwhile, contact was made with Minister Patterson, who confirmed that a fire had damaged her son’s home. She told this publication that it was electrical in nature. While she could not immediately give the extent of the damages, the Minister did note that part of the bottom flat had been destroyed.