…her masters’ voice
Most of the country was blindsided when it was revealed that way back on May 22, GECOM Chair Claudette Singh had secretly written to the Commissioner of Police (COP) – who’s in charge administratively of the Immigration Department. What did she want from Immigration?? Well, either she fell for Harmon and the PNC’s huffing and puffing that the country will explode if their claims of folks out of the country voting on March 2 aren’t checked out and she’d better humour them. Or else she’s in on the con.
But whatever the reason, as a former Judge, Claudette Singh knows – unless she’s gone senile or batshit crazy – that she has no power – constitutionally or statutorily –- to investigate these “objections” of the PNC. Everybody in Guyana knows – including their supporters – that the PNC’s “trying a thing” with these objections they’re throwing up like confetti. If they will come out into the streets it won’t be because of these claims – they’ll come out because the lumpen elements will be getting orders from their PNC ward bosses that it’s “slow fyaah; mo fyaah 2”.
So, nobody should waste a thought that Claudette Singh is humouring the PNC or holding off their dogs of war. The question then arises as to why would she make a decision all by her lonesome on a matter that’s out of her remit?? And the answer is another question: how do we know she made the decision all by her lonesome?? For one, Vincent Alexander, the PNC’s Majordomo, knew about her letter and informed the press corps. It’s just that everyone thought it was puffery on his part to suggest he had an inside track. It’s now clear that not only does he have the inside track, but it’s the one he’s beaten for her to follow! He’s not only the PNC’s front man – but Claudette Singh’s.
And we return to her illegal act. What exactly does she and the PNC hope to gain from it?? Stretching out the time for this infernal counting and recounting nonsense to end comes to mind. Now that the COP has reported (with alacrity!) that 172 of the 215 submitted names were out of the Jurisdiction, Claudette’s PRO announced, “Oops! We didn’t check to see if the names had been checked off on the Polling Stations’ “pink list” of electors to show they presented themselves to vote.”
Giving Harmon and the PNC the cue to yell that the boxes must be opened up again…or else all hell will break loose!! And this will take another month…after which Claudette will enquire about the dead voting!
Will the Caricom observer team wait for the war of attrition to end?  Not if Claudette and the PNC have anything to do with it!!

…the end game
So, what’s the PNC’s end game?? It would appear they’re convinced that the Western guardians of democracy aren’t going to make a move if their squatting in government is masked by their resort to the niceties of legal technicalities. They tried this after the NCM – when they dragged out matters in the courts with what everyone KNEW to be inanities (33 is not the majority of 65?!!) and served out their term. So, there’s a method to their apparent madness as they pull out one madcap objection after another to claim that the ENTIRE election (which they won!) was corrupted by those crafty PPP!!
Even if Claudette Singh doesn’t hand them victory on a platter after her dance of the seven veils, they have the courts – where they have several shoulders to cry on. Don’t forget they convinced two Appellate Court Justices about that majority rigmarole!
And got one High Court Justice to look past Mingo’s fraud by claiming he had “no jurisdiction”!!

…the corn
Some PNCites have been complaining that while the PPP, the small parties and the West have been focusing on “democracy”, they’re ignoring how “the corn” is going to be shared.
Never mind they’re burning the field.