GBI fuels Fruta Conquerors FC once again

…Arjoon calls for more Government sponsorship

‘Fruta’ and ‘Fruta Conquerors’ have long become household names in Guyanese society, and on Wednesday afternoon, the act that made this possible was renewed by the two stakeholders involved.

GBI’s General manager Samuel Arjoon as he makes his charge to the government

While the Guyana Beverage Inc renewed their sponsorship of the highly successful Fruta Conquerors football club, General Manager Samuel Arjoon made a bold call to the Government and to corporate Guyana for increased sponsorship of the sport.
“I want to use this opportunity to challenge the Government, any Government, to match 20 years of our spending for Fruta Conquerors for the development of the club that they have planned. We’re talking about facilities, grounds, lighting and other programmes. And if not Fruta Conquerors, some other football club.”

Fruta Conquerors President Collin Gittens

Those were the sentiments expressed by Guyana Beverage Inc’s General Manager, Samuel Arjoon, as he made a bold call to the Government to engage in spending on sport what would include further development for the Fruta Conquerors and other football clubs.
The occasion was the renewing of the GBI’s contract with the Fruta Conquerors Football Club, which results in the club receiving assistance and the company receiving marketing mileage for the Fruta Beverage brand.
Arjoon explained that the company have no issue with continuing their longstanding relationship with the team, but that they alone cannot take the team to the next level. Nevertheless, he shared his elation at the company partnering the team for another year.
“I want to say the sponsorship of Fruta Conquerors, we’re happy to sign a renewed contract for sponsorship this year. Fruta Conquerors has done well, and as such, we have no hesitation in putting our money behind them. I would like to thank the management team for allowing us the opportunity to partner with you guys and take football at your club to the next level,” Arjoon stated.
After disclosing some of the team’s plans for the future, which include community-based projects and outreaches, President of the Club, Collin Gittens, spoke to the strength of the partnership, and how much the club values GBI’s continued support.
“Their contribution today speaks of the close affiliation between the company and the club. It also speaks to the company’s dedication to sports and the development of youth. I wish other companies could come on board and see the benefits of these social causes; it’s about much more than giving money,” Gittens said.
The Fruta Conquerors Club has been in existence since 1982, and their collaboration with the GBI has spanned over 2 decades. The club has won the Guyana Football Federation’s Elite League for the past two seasons, an accomplishment which has granted them qualification for the CONCACAF Caribbean Club Shield. (Jemima Holmes)