GENEQUIP leads clean-up campaign along Kingston seawall

Guyana Coast Guard volunteers for the Clean Ocean Project

For the past 10 years, Suzuki Marine has been committed to cleaning up the marine environment through voluntary “Clean Up the World” activities around the globe, rallying more than 10,000 people to the cause.
This project has now evolved into Suzuki’s Clean Ocean Project.
At the heart of this ongoing campaign is a truly innovative Micro Plastics Filter device designed for use on outboard motors. The first of its kind worldwide, this device allows boaters to become an important part of the solution to the global challenge of microplastic pollution.
They are committed to contributing to a clean marine environment, and consistently work towards this through various initiatives including clean-up campaigns, reducing plastic packaging, promoting the use of four-stroke outboard engines to reduce emissions, and avoiding servicing of outboards on the water to prevent water pollution.

The volunteers at the seawalls on Saturday

General Equipment Guyana Ltd (GENEQUIP) and Suzuki Marine together with the Guyana Coast Guard and Sealand Surveys joined to clean the seawall from behind the Guyana Marriott Hotel towards the Guyana Coast Guard base on Saturday.
Approximately 50 bags of plastic trash, with about 60 volunteers, were deemed a successful clean-up project.
The volunteers and respective companies were thanked for their support which will with time strengthen business partnerships and will positively impact the maritime industry in Guyana.