Get up, get active, make better food choices during holidays – professional trainer

Professional trainer Paul Meusa

Multifaceted professional trainer Paul Meusa has made a major impact in the lives of many Guyanese, providing persons with better, healthier lifestyle options. Meusa has been leading the charge towards a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle.
The 41-year-old began his journey as a professional trainer in 2008. He later went into entrepreneurship by opening his own gym in Kitty, Georgetown, with his multifunctional facility branded “Exodus”, with a tagline “Moving You to A Higher Level”.
Meusa now wears the title of CEO of Exodus, while also being an internationally-certified trainer, a strength and conditioning trainer and a certified CrossFit trainer and title holder.
“I teamed up with my friend and longtime trainer, Omar Hope in the management of this establishment. Our mission is to facilitate our clients from their present reality to the best versions of themselves. While we hope to continue transforming their lives in many positive ways.”
“Exodus seeks to make a difference by encouraging all Guyanese to step away from a sedentary lifestyle and also eat healthier food even as the holiday season approaches,” he said as he recalled his journey.
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle through exercise and nutrition has become a priority for many individuals in today’s fast-paced world. Speaking with Guyana Times, Meusa said in one’s pursuit of optimal health, gym trainers and nutritionists have emerged as indispensable allies.
By forging a strong bond with all of his clients through exercise and nutrition needs, Meusa said he extends beyond simply prescribing a workout routine or meal plan; rather, fostering a deeper understanding of how exercise and nutrition work together to enhance overall health.
According to him, his comprehensive approach not only yields physical improvements but also nurtures mental and emotional well-being.
“I consider myself a lifestyle advocate and exercise is the number one de-stresser to me, of course to mankind it’s called positive stress,” Meusa explained.
Meanwhile, Meusa shared that during this festive period where many persons are looking to eat a lot of delicacies, they should also remember to maintain a balanced diet. “I know you want to eat your favourite foods and have a merry time but keep in mind to get up, get active and make better food choices,” Meusa encouraged.