GNBS destroys over 4000 low-quality electric switches

The Product Monitoring Department of the Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) has destroyed 4800 imported light switches, which were inadequately labelled and lacked the required certification mark.

The substandard light switches that were destroyed by the GNBS

The items were destroyed on Wednesday in the presence of GNBS inspectors.
The items, which were imported by a city importer, were inspected since November 26, 2020 and were found to be not in compliance with requirements of the national standard. In the absence of the requisite certification mark and labelling, the importer was required to provide the GNBS with an authentic test certificate indicating that the light switches meet quality requirements.
The importer was unable to do so and hence, the necessary steps were taken to destroy the substandard items. The GNBS, as of February 1, 2020, commenced the monitoring of a number of electrical fittings and equipment based on the requirements of 31 mandatory national standards.
These electrical products include decorative lighting products; lamp holders; armoured cables; panel board; knife switches; conduit, tubing, and cable fittings; surge protector devices; moulded-case circuit breakers; moulded-case switches and circuit-breaker enclosures; cord sets and power-supply cords; thermoset-insulated wires and cables; attachment plugs and receptacles, and dry-type general purpose and power transformers.
Importers and dealers of these products are required to take the necessary steps to ensure their products meet the respective requirements. Products monitored by the GNBS are flagged for examination at the time of importation.
Inspectors also visit sale outlets across the country to examine products which are offered for sale to ensure compliance. Importers and dealers are required to take the necessary corrective actions when substandard products are encountered by the GNBS inspectors.
Adding electrical fittings and equipment to the list of products monitored by the GNBS means that all such items are strictly monitored to ensure users, including homeowners, are protected from substandard products. Surveillance inspections will be intensified by the GNBS at sale outlets in the coming weeks.
Importers and dealers are urged to purchase a copy of the relevant national standards from the GNBS to familiarise themselves with the requirements. This will allow them to buy products that are in compliance with labelling and quality specifications.
Lastly, the GNBS encourages importers to provide timely redress to their customers regarding defective products purchased. The GNBS also monitors domestic electrical/electronic appliances, weighing and measuring devices, textiles, garments, footwear, safety helmets, safety matches, new and used tyres, gas stoves, cigarettes, PVC pipes, furniture, Christmas tree and decorative lighting outfits, cellular phones, and gold jewellery.