Satiricus was feeling glum. His old “gyaffing” buddy Hari, had been fired from his Government job and he’d be emigrating since there weren’t any jobs around. This was going to be his “farewell” drink at the Back Street Bar.
“Hey Hari, what can I say man?” said Satiricus to his friend when they’d all gathered at their usual table. “We’ll all miss you!”
“Me guh miss am,” agreed Cappo. “But me hope ‘e guh rememba abee w’en ‘e a spo’t up in New Yark!”
“An’ me hope ‘e guh sen’ abee wan small piece ev’ry now and den!” said Bungi, slapping Hari on the back.
“Budday! I don’t even know if I’ll be getting a job yet,” protested Hari.
“So tell me something, Hari,” said Satiricus. “If you don’t even have a job lined up, why not look around right here in Guyana?”
“Yes, me ‘gree wid Sato,” said Cappo. “Rememba me bin guh ah New Yark and me had fuh come back?”
“An’ Cappo bin even get wan jaab wid ‘e Saro fuh fix up house,” pointed out Bungi.
“The problem, fellas, is I’ve been working with the Government for 20 years,” said Hari. “And I don’t have skills for the Private Sector.”
“But yuh bin wan good wor’ka. Tell abee de trut’,” said Cappo. “Wha’ mek dem fyaa yuh?”
“The same reason you and Bungi got fired from the sugar industry,” said Hari, with a wry smile. “I don’t have a Pee’nSee card!”
“Yuh cou’da mek fr’en wid de Minista!!” laughed Bungi.
“Remember what you fellas told me once?” asked Hari smiling. “Fish an’ cast-net nah fr’en!”
“Eh eh!!” exclaimed Cappo, raising his bottle for a clink. “Yuh l’arn somet’ing!!”
“I learnt a lot of things from you fellas,” said Hari, clinking his bottle all around.
“But why don’t you stick around another year for the oil boom?’ asked Satiricus. “It’s only a couple of years away.”
“Sato, wha’ wrang wid yuh?” asked Bungi, shaking his head. “Da money na fuh abee-dese!”
“Goat bite ev’rybady who na Pee’nSee,” concluded Cappo, looking at Hari. “Good luck, bai!”