Guyana Aviation Polytechnic launched to aid oil and gas sector

Senior Manager of Logistics and Local Content of the Orinduik Development Inc, Sharon Roopchand believes that education is key in transforming Guyana into a sustainable oil-producing nation.
Speaking at the launch of the first event of Aviation Polytechnic on Friday at the Herdmanston Lodge, Roopchand stated that training and development are the pillars to ensure local content development.
“The launch of the Aviation Polytechnic is a milestone that marks Guyana’s preparedness to meet the aviation platform and demands to support the local oil and gas sector”, she added.
She further explained that as Guyana embarks on “this vast, uncertain role” in the extraction of its oil-rich resources, the country’s education system must take priority with reference to aviation.
“Since everything is happening offshore, the Polytechnic aims at having a robust trained supply of resources to the entire industry is paramount to the sustainable of a safe offshore aviation.”
Roopchand stated that the Polytechnic posits to fill the immense gap in the aviation industry as well as to bring the country’s current and emerging local workforce up to the proficiency level to actively participate in the oil and gas sector.
Meanwhile, Director of Policies and Regulations of Orinduik Development Inc, Hugh Denbow also noted the importance of aviation skills training tied into local content.
He said that based on the thrust of Guyana in relation to establishing itself as a successful and sustainable oil-producing nation, the demands in the aviation sector will expand, and therefore the Polytechnic will provide the relevant and necessary training to meet all of those demands.
Denbow added that technical education plays a huge rule in developing Guyana and that while the focus is on aviation, other agencies must stay focused on expanding education and skills training in other areas.