Guyanese killed by bandits in Venezuela

…father suffers heart attack after shooting

Moments after witnessing his son shot to death during a robbery in his Puerta Ordaz, Venezuela, home, the father collapsed and died of heart attack.

Dead are Miguel Alehandro Brito, 23, and his father, Artuo Brito, 60, formerly of Vergenoegen, East Bank

Dead: Artuo Brito
Dead: Artuo Brito
Dead: Miguel Alehandro Brito
Dead: Miguel Alehandro Brito


According to reports, the young man was in the living room when armed bandits invaded the property. His father was in another section of the house while his mother was in her bedroom.

At the time of the attack there was a power failure. Upon gaining entry, the bandits saw the young man sitting on a chair and shot him to the head.

The father on hearing the gunshot, ran towards the living room only to find his son’s motionless body with his brain scattered. The father reportedly raised an alarm and immediately collapsed.

The mother, a relative explained to this newspaper, also ran out of her bedroom and found both her son and husband dead.

The dead young man was born in Guyana but became a citizen of Venezuela. The family had migrated to Venezuela years ago.