It’s all…

… political hysteria now
Tempers are getting frayed, aren’t they? Your Eyewitness knows why? Even with all the huffing and puffing and bluffing, the President and his Cabinet have resigned – what with admitting they’re meeting as a “plenary” or a “caucus”, take your pick!! And all the campaigning they did in the Rupununi by promising US$48M airports and handing out goodies in 28 villages like Father Christmas!! And you know, on the political hustings, politicians will have to connect with their crowds.
Nobody complained when the PNC Ministers cussed out the PPP – -who, they claimed, did NOTHING for the hinterland in their 23 years!! But even before that, right after the PNC ignominiously lost the LGE, there was Party Chairman Volda Lawrence reminding the party faithful about her party’s position towards the PPP: “We don’t have to wait no three years, Comrades, there are mechanisms for us to go back to the polls. You see this long, long story, me ain’t able buse and cuss and waste me time; I lash you in you head and done the story. Done the story. …”
Can’t get more graphic with the PNC’s modus operandi, can you? “I lash you in you head and done the story!!” And this was just about LOSING THE LGE – imagine what’ll be their language come General Elections!! But the PPP didn’t complain about Volda’s incendiary exhortations, did they?? They didn’t whine and whinge to the authorities. Nah…they just went about their business and cut the legs out from under the PNC with their no-confidence motion!! Revenge is best served cold!!
So as the “Day of Constitutional Supremacy” – March 21 – draws nigh upon them, and they see no way out from their ejection from the seat of power, they’re running so scared they’ve become paranoid of their own shadows! Imagine when the Opposition Leader – addressing a crowd in Berbice where the PNC unilaterally fired 3500 sugar workers and threw them onto the breadlines – advised them to “chase out” the sanctimonious Government Ministers who’ll come for their votes, the PNC scuttled to the ERC, screaming “the statement was “inciting!! It must be condemned as unacceptable, malicious and mischievous”!!
Now let’s have some sanity here…does the PNC REALLY want to go down that road with the elections date about to be set?? We all know the kind of language the PNC use on the hustings, don’t we? “Our steel is sharper?” “Make your will”??
Sure we all know they’ll delay the elections with their (geriatric) man in GECOM’s thumb on the scale!! But like old people say, “time longer than twine”.
And their ball of twine was never that fat to begin with!!

There’s this Guyanese doctor living in England who demonstrates in his prolix letters to the press, that he’s only too human. Almost daily, the fella zips off a letter defending the PNC and viciously attacking the PPP on matters non-medical that one wonders how he finds time for his patients. But then keeping patients waiting is one of the distinguishing features of the National Health System (NHS), isn’t it!! He blames his poor clinical grades at UG on “PPP doctors”!
Anyhow the fella did write an excellent analysis on the state of GPHC in the wake of the unfortunate deaths of those three children. While blaming it all on the “PPP doctors”, he did say, “This government should have shown leadership and courage in addressing the problems of the obviously failing health service”, but was intimidated by the fallout in fixing the sugar industry!!
Really?? Appointing a general as CEO; a novice to head the GPHC BOARD was reassurance?

But why’d he ignore Volda’s policy on hiring at GPHC: “Well, I got news for you: The only friends I got is PNC, so the only people I could give work to is PNC. And, right now, I looking for a doctor who can talk Spanish or Portuguese and ah want one that is PNC”!!