Lima Sands residents calling for Police outpost

Residents living in the community of Lima Sands, Essequibo Coast, are calling on the Public Security Ministry to construct a Police outpost in their area, since there is reportedly an increase in illegal activities. Residents related to this publication that a few unemployed teenagers in the area are involved into illicit activities, and as such, the Police outpost would help curb the amount of nefarious activities going on in the community.

Councilor Cleveland Simon

Echoing similar sentiments to those of residents is People’s Progressive Party Councillor, Cleveland Simon, who related that residents also met with him and raised their concerns about the situation. Simon, who sits on the Local Government Committee said Amerindians living in Tapakuma and Lake Mainstay also requested the establishment of a Police outpost in their area.
He said if the outpost is established, then residents from three communities will benefit from the services. Speaking on behalf of residents, Simon said often times things happen in Amerindian communities and the closest Police station is in Anna Regina, on the Essequibo Coast. By the time the report is made, the suspect would have already left the community, often times fleeing into the interior; hence the crimes are always left unsolved.
Simon therefore called for the establishment of the Police outpost in an effort to create a safer community for those living there. The residents in the respective areas also called for an increase in police patrols. (Indrawattie Natram)