Man charged for spending out ‘house foundation’ money

A man, who converted money entrusted to him by his aunt, was before the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts charged with fraudulent conversion.
Justin Jackson admitted to using the money for his own use when he appeared before Magistrate Leron Daly.
He plead guilty to the charge, which stated that in February 2017, at Croal Street, Georgetown, while being entrusted with ,000 to purchase cement to start the foundation of a home, he fraudulently converted same to his own use and benefits.
Jackson also admitted to converting another ,000 entrusted to him by Clair Taylor to his own use and benefits at Regent Street, Georgetown.
According to the prosecution, the Virtual Complainant (VC) is constructing her home at Mocha Arcadia, East Bank Demerara (EBD).
The defendant reportedly encouraged the VC to commence the construction of her foundation to which Taylor agreed.
She reported that she first gave the defendant ,000 to purchase cement and then wired him ,000 to purchase sand.
However, the court was told that the defendant failed to show up and after inquires, the VC was told that the unemployed man used the money to support his family.
The matter was reported to the Police and the man was arrested and charged with the offence.
Jackson told the court “I will not waste the court’s time, I am currently out of a job and I have a daughter that I need to provide for so I use the money. I am trying to work something out to repay the money by September.”
The VC told Magistrate Daly that she does not wish for the defendant to be imprisoned and agreed to his plan to repay her by September.
The accused was ordered to repay the woman through the court or he would face one-year jail time if he did not comply.