Mash Chutney Dance explodes with brilliance

Colourful, captivating and spectacular were just some of the words used to describe this year’s Mashramani Chutney Dance Competition.
With 15 competitors, all bringing their ‘A’ games, the Leonora Track and Field Stadium was overwhelmed with brilliance.
To usher in the night, the exciting sounds of Tassa drumming orbited the dark cloudy skies on Saturday, February 9, 2019.
As the drums dulled, the event’s emcee, Ms Surida Nagreadi, emerged on stage to a cheering crowd. Her wit and ability to capture the audience’s attention set the stage for a fabulous night.

Winner of the Individual category of the Mashramani Chutney Dance Competition, Kimberly of the Kimberly and Shelita Dance Troupe

With breathtaking costumes and amazing choreographies, it was difficult for the audience to even attempt to guess who were going to cop the coveted titles of champions.
It was an impressive show and the judges had the unenviable task of selecting the best among the performers. Luckily, they were guided by rules and guidelines that helped them to name Ms Kimberly of the Kimberly and Shelita Dance Troupe as the winner of the “Individual” category.
Decked beautifully in Guyana’s national colours, the young woman was able to perfectly execute a brilliant choreography. This earned her the prize money of GYD$100,000.
She was followed by two other amazing performances by Adrian Lochan and Razia Rafeek who secured second and third places respectively.
In the “Group” category, the competition’s defending champions, Berbice Delights, reclaimed their crown and took home the prize money of GYD$300,000.
Their performance was an excellent way to bring the curtain down on an exciting activity. During the intermissions, Reigning Chutney Monarch, Bunty Singh serenaded the crowd with a dynamic performance.