Mr Charles Ramson is absolutely right!

Dear Editor,
Before I delve into my discourse with you this morning, I must make it abundantly clear that the APNU/PNC or whatever they would want to call themselves, is not, and I repeat, is not a voice nor are they an authority in any discussion on The Black Race. Let this be made abundantly clear to all my readers that the PNC are in no way shape or form the Black man’s Saviour! They speak as a party and that is all they can boast about, but not for the Black race that I am a part of.
With that backdrop, I shall proceed to address an issue that has engrossed the attention of some members of the PNC party. These members are particularly peeved over the statements made by Minister Charles Ramson, that the Black community is adversely affected due to a lack of male role models. In their response they seem to suggest that the Minister’s remarks are somewhat an affront to the Black community. Well, for starters I must tell them that it does not take a Charles Ramson to tell the Black community of its pitfalls, that should be something we are all aware of. Once Mr Ramson is dealing with a statement of fact or as we say plain talk, I have no qualms with the Minister.
And this is my problem with the PNC and some Blacks in that grouping of persons, they find no fault when a Black man can call his own misogynic names – something that is found in the lyrics of most of the songs. The race gyrates to this degrading music, without stopping to think at what they are gyrating to, however, when another race uses those same words, they are up in arms against him. This is the filth I would not countenance.
Charles Ramson on the other hand would not dare use the “N” word but he is absolutely, one hundred per cent right in making a statement of fact. I concur with the Minister, that the Black race in Guyana cannot – at least looking at those in the PNC – cannot find a role model that they can emulate. Incidentally, as we speak, that is the topic of one of my students doing his SBA here in St Lucia. That point was raised by one of my students doing his school-based assessment paper, that is, the lack of proper male role models in the Black community. He was speaking out of sheer concern and he revealed to me that over 90 per cent of youths in prison at The Bordelais Prison do not know or ever had a proper male figure in their household to give them any form of guidance.
There is good reason for the youth’s concern, and not just here in St Lucia but in the wider world this is a serious problem. Well of course if that was a topic that came up in Guyana the so-called saviour of the Black race would have jumped on it as they have done in Guyana and make it into a racial issue; this is the asininity I would not entertain.
So, I have a few questions for the likes of a Harmon et. al. if you were so crocodile tear concerned about the Black race then could you tell me why your party took away the $10,000 “Because We Care” cash grant, when the demographics clearly show the race being way high in the single parenting graph? If you were really concerned for those homes, you should have increased the grant, instead of taking it away.
There are very many other instances of the forward-thinking role models in society today. Mr Harmon could you tell us who re-built Tipperary Hall in the predominantly Black community of Buxton? Please sir, to thyself be true and give us a sensible answer?
Another glaring example is the village of Sandvoort, a predominantly Black community which for years never had the enjoyment of electricity and modern living standards. This village came out that backwardness during the late 1990s, thanks to the Black icon and true leader, Mr Samuel Hinds. He visited them and as it was literally brought them out of darkness into the marvellous light.
For years Hamilton Green would visit the community of Sandvoort during emancipation time, even bringing up citizens to Georgetown to dance African dances for him, but never saw it fit to bring them light and development. They can now have light and forward-thinking thanks to Mr Samuel Hinds and the PPP/C.
Don’t they listen to the timbre and the message, from prominent men like Prime Minister Phillips and other Black icons in society today, don’t they hear these men? These are the real role models for the Black community.
Harmon and associates in the PNC are examples of what a prominent Black preacher in the USA categorized as making an imposition of the “second wave of slavery,” just keep the race in subjection of poverty and disgrace while pretending to be concerned for them. Hoyte did that when he gave the dog whistle with the “slo fiah moh fiah” chant. He called out his lackeys to carry out disgraceful acts in the streets of Georgetown, then, when they were caught in the act, he turned again and called them “simple minds.” These and other despicable things these guys did for the race.
Hoyte also beatified the dead criminal Linden “Blackey” London which was another hallmark of what some Black leaders think about us. Hoyte gloated in the enslavement of the race, he was in essence telling the black man that he is nothing more than a criminal symbol and nothing else, someone who can be used and abused.
I must hasten to a close by reminding those in the PNC party that those of us true Blacks, take great offense when persons the likes of a Harmon or David Hinds speak on behalf of the race. I want these guys to know that we represent a class of individuals who are truly emancipated in our minds and can think for ourselves. I close with the words of brother Bob when he said “emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.” We have long since been emancipated and we ask Harmon and cohorts to come join us.

Neil Adams