MSC hosts special general meeting today

As the Mackenzie Sports Club (MSC) gears for its Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the end of June, there will be a special general members meeting today at the MSC Lounge starting at 17:00h (5:00pm).

Minister within the Ministry of Agriculture, Valerie Adams-Yearwood

Steps towards holding the AGM and Elections followed a recent meeting between the Management Committee of the MSC and Minister within the Ministry of Agriculture, Valerie Adams-Yearwood. It was one month ago that the MSC decided to prepare charting a course towards ensuring that its members who went missing came back on board. The meeting today will give an assessment on where the membership recovery is, as persons are asked to check for their names on the Notice Board at the Club to know their financial status with the Steward of the MSC on which they can also enquire.
There is an amnesty out for those non-financial members to bring their monthly dues up to date so that they can participate at the AGM, which is set for Sunday, June 30, at the MSC Lounge. New members are also encouraged to join and membership forms are available between 10:00h and 17:00h during the work week with the Club’s Steward, Keisha Quow.
Several persons have raised questions about the functions of the MSC, but the General Secretary noted that several of those members were not financial and hence their voices may not be heard due to their status.
Today’s meeting will deal with the plans for the AGM, but more importantly look at the new MSC Constitution, which is to be ratified, as the previous one has lost its relevance in today’s setting, having been documented in the 1970s.This was when the Club was primarily a company club virtually controlled by the Demerara Bauxite Company (DEMBA) even though it was donated to by the members and was taken over by the successive bauxite firms after nationalisation.
However, with the de-bundling of the Linden Bauxite Company from having a say in those clubs it previously financed and among other things paid for the staff of the club and general maintenance, it means now as it remained a Members Club, the Club has to find a way to fend on its own and deal with the associated costs.