Overhaul of Supenaam Forestry Station

Dear Editor,
I write to acknowledge the missive titled “Trampling on rights of citizens”, dated 1st August, 2017 by Mr J. John.
There are some interesting disclosures that beckon for the intervention of the Ministry of Natural Resources. I have to tell my Government that its officers must not sit and allow the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) to operate like a cartel, and they must also stop appointing GFC Board members unilaterally.
This kind of input is harming the forestry sector in a far-reaching way. We need resourceful and wise persons to govern this board, and we have to remove all those who are not supposed to be there any longer, or who utilize their positions for personal gain. We have to let the GFC Board know that they have a national responsibility on their hands. And failure to listen to the stakeholders constitutes blatant disregard.
Editor, I have known Mr John for years. He was indicted because he failed to pay the (bribe) money demanded by the three forestry officers attached to the Supenaam Forestry Station. The ruthless ripping apart of a poor, innocent and honourable person is unforgivable. I admire the amazing strength and courage of Mr. John for taking such a bold step, and I call for a complete overhaul of the Supenaam Forestry Station, where bribery and incompetence prevail.

Yours faithfully,
M. Stoll