Parliamentary inconveniences

Dear Editor,
Since the beginning of the eleventh biennial Parliament of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, nationals and non-nationals alike, have been experiencing complete chaos, without any solution in sight.
Ill-advised police officers are assisting in creating “bottle necks” in the central commercial areas, which greatly reduce business activities in the city. The dislocation of car and bus parks to facilitate the Parliamentary sitting causes commuters to become confused and displaced, often leading to an upsurge in criminal activities; especially robbery of vulnerable school children and women; often without any hope of their valuables being returned or their attacker(s) being arrested and charged.
In closing I wish to suggest one of the following:
1) The Police Force’s traffic department should study the commercial map of central Georgetown to reduce the amount of traffic blockage Parliamentary sittings impose on the main thoroughfare of the busy city.
2) An increased police presence is needed to assist road users to get to their various destinations in a safe and timely manner.
3) Relocating the Parliamentary sitting to a venue on the outskirts of Georgetown, which will result in little to no disruption to road users, businessmen/women, school children and customers alike.

Eshelle O Cambridge