PNC wants…

…Caricom out?
Fat Boy (as Rodney dubbed Burnham – as well as “King Kong” and “King Midas”) must be rolling in his Mausoleum at Seven Ponds!! Look what his intellectual descendants are doing to his legacy – which they vowed to uphold!! How can they throw Caricom and its CCJ offspring into the gutter just to keep on rigging?? Are they telling us rigging is a more important legacy of Burnham than Caricom??
Don’t they remember that Caricom and Rigging were all part of the same vision (nightmare?) of Burnham?? Knowing that the demographics couldn’t guarantee him sinecure in the Prime Ministership or Presidential sweepstakes, rigging and regionalism were both part of his plans to let him hold on to power come what may!! Have folks forgotten after he helped to get Caricom’s precursor – Carifta – going, he tried to inveigle St Vincent to become an “Associate State” of Guyana rather than Britain. Just so to balance up the “numbers”!!
Shouldn’t the PNC – and its fellow travellers like the WPA geriatrics – ask why Caricom is now firmly in the democratic corner – unlike when Fat Boy was around? It’s not just that the Cold War’s over – that’s been the case for over three decades, Rather, the motivation for international action is now to stand for something – democracy – and not to merely oppose that other thing – communism.
And the simple answer is that in Guyana, the PPP stand for democracy, while the PNC have demonstrated beyond a shadow of doubt that their dictatorial compulsions are as raw as ever!! Looks like they just can’t help themselves!! The PPP brought back democracy to Guyana in 1992 and nurtured it for 23 years even though at every step they were violently opposed by the PNC in the streets, in the jungle, and in the villages.
The PPP lost their majority in 2011…but didn’t lose their democratic cool. Even though they realised that their long incumbency had generated some negativity, they demitted office to the PNC when together with the AFC they won the 2015 elections under arguable conditions. They knew that Guyana’s fragile democracy needed some breathing space and haven’t even made much noise when their elections petition still hasn’t been heard!
But look at the ghetto behaviour of the PNC!! To prevent the votes of the people from being counted when they realised they’d lost the elections, they had Mingo rig the Reg 4 SoP tabulation IN FRONT OF THE WORLD – INCLUDING CARICOM!!
Even if Caricom wanted to help the PNC out, how could they? But more importantly, why should they??
Didn’t Granger treat them like dirt when he reneged on his word to accept the recount??
Payback’s a bitch!!

  …Privy Council back?
Let’s look a bit closer at the PNC’s cussing out of the CCJ. They harp on the fact that Guyana’s only one of 4 Caricom members that opted for the CCJ to be their final appellate court. Their implication, of course, is that the CCJ’s somehow not “good enough”! But look at the other side of their claim – they’re saying that the British Privy Council is more suitable to review our cases than the best and most distinguished Caribbean Judges that we have appointed!! What self-hate!! Is the European always better??
So why don’t we go the whole hog then?? Why the heck did we fight for independence? If British Judges some 10,000 miles away physically – and light years away from us culturally, sociologically and politically – are better qualified to adjudicate our disputes, maybe Boris Johnson can do a better job in ruling us, no??
Maybe should return with his whips?? Ridiculous!!
What really hurts the PNC most of all is that Caricom and the CCJ won’t fall for the race card!!

…the ouster clause
The PNC’s hoping the CCJ won’t take jurisdiction because of Art 177’s “ouster clause”. Fat chance!! The modern, enlightened approach is to reject ouster clauses if their application will violate the rule of law.
As it will certainly will, here.