PPP MP assists Coomacka students in getting back to school

Opposition Member of Parliament (MP) Juan Edghill on Friday last made a timely contribution of school supplies to several parents and students of the Coomacka community in Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice) which will assist in the students returning to school.

Opposition Member of Parliament (MP) Juan Edghill and recipients

The MP noted that he made a decision after visiting Coomacka on Tuesday evening and hearing from parents that there were a number of students who were unable to attend school due to hardships they were facing.
He said the parents had expressed difficulty in getting their children attired and finding the necessary supplies to attend school and thus made an appeal for help.
“Right away I undertook to look into the matter because this is a serious matter when children are unable to go to school. And I spoke with a friend of mine and we agreed that the necessary intervention would be made and thus today we’re able to come up to Linden, take the parents and the children shopping, made sure that they got their uniforms, books, pencils, rulers and all the things that are needed… to get them outfitted for school on Monday,” the MP noted.
He noted that it is regrettable that the children were unable to attend school while he pointed out that many are faced with such hardships due to the removal of the $10,000 “We care” cash grants. The MP said had the parents been able to access such a grant, this would not have been the situation.
“So I’m very happy that as a representative of the party that today we could have made it possible for these children to be outfitted for school on Monday,” he continued.
Meanwhile, the parents of the students who benefited were thankful for the gesture and expressed tremendous gratitude.S