…for elections
As the PNC thresh around, inventing excuses to delay the elections, they know they’ll eventually have to face the electorate. And as is their wont – for the past fifty-odd (very odd!) years – they aren’t leaving anything to chance. Karl Marx had pontificated: “Man make their own history; but not in circumstances of their making”, but when it comes to elections, the PNC have always insisted on creating the circumstances to make their history!! They give no shrift to “dialectics” and “contradictions”, and such like!!
At his 1979 PNC Congress – where he invoked his “sharper steel” threat against the WPA – Burnham had criticised his followers for being too naïve about “democracy” as articulated in the texts. “You can’t only read what’s ON the lines, comrades,” he thundered, “you have to read BETWEEN the lines!” So as we read about the PNC’s electoral preparations, let’s also look between the lines to understand what’s REALLY going on.
Now, you’ll notice that your Eyewitness is talking only about the “PNC”, and not “APNU”. And that’s because you gotta have been on Mars during the last four years if you think the four one-man outfits desperately hanging on to the PNC’s coattails have any relevance to the existential supremacy of the PNC in APNU. The latter aren’t even a fig leaf to hide the mark of the beast!!
But what about the AFC?? This morning, your Eyewitness read two accounts of what’s supposedly going on between the two coalition “partners”. In the SN, some AFC executive ‘source” claimed they’re girding their loins to negotiate a new agreement, seeing as how the Cummingsburg Accord (CA) will expire next February. But at the same time, the source thinks elections will be this year. So won’t the Cummingsburg Accord still hold in that circumstance??
Certainly not, says the Director General of the Ministry of the Presidency (DGMOP) – and GS of APNU – “We are looking at the revision right now…(and)… we have agreed on some basic principles which will guide the relationship between the APNU and the AFC.”
Well, right there we see the problem! The AFC executive insisted the AFC National Executive Committee (NEC) has merely picked the team to negotiate with APNU!! Reading between the lines, however, we can figure what’s going on. First of all, since the AFC got nothing from the CA, save to NAME the (neutered) PM candidate, this position is what the “negotiation” is all about.
But the DG, MoP had insisted, right after the AFC picked Ramjattan for that slot, that Nagamootoo was “royalty”, as opposed to their evident “commoner” choice!!
The PNC’s negotiating with Nagamootoo, since he’ll settle for more Larwah!!

…for oil
Looks like after the Exxon gushers, you can’t drill a hole off our Atlantic Coast without striking oil!! Tullow just announced they hit paydirt in the Orinduik Block with their first try. So if there was any lingering doubt that there are humungous oil fields under them thar waters, this should take care of that. This will be the find of the century!! The question that remains unanswered, of course, is whether our country is getting ready under the PNC for us to share in the oil wealth.
Let’s look past the hole Trotman dug for us (pun intended) when he literally gave away the store to Exxon. Folks are saying that even the crumbs we’ll be getting can positively transform our country of less than one million people. But that’s not necessarily true. Right off the bat, we should know there will be no downstream oil industries established here, okay??
And the 12% share of the oil revenues? Let’s see whose pockets that’ll end up in!! And that applies to whatever portion enters our Natural Resource Fund!!

…claims and objections
After jumping up and down like a fowl cock, your Eyewitness is positive, the PNC will agree for the electoral list to be prepared via a C&O process.
After all, they’ve already stolen the time they wanted.