…after the clinch
Your Eyewitness is a boxing fan. He knows some of you, dear readers, might be surprised at this confession!! But hey…he came up in the “school of hard knocks” – that’s no figure of speech!! If you weren’t able to stand up after those knocks, then you just couldn’t hang out at the street corners where all the action was!! Anyhow, reading about the engagements between the new Opposition Leader, Aubrey Norton, vs the President and VP, it all reminded him of a boxing match!
The media, of course, is playing the role of the shill who announces at the top of their stentorian voice, “And out of the red corner come Irfaaaaaan Aaaaaali to face Auuuuubrey Norton from the green corner!! They didn’t just write about it, but from every angle, showed Norton with his game face staring across at Ali – who came in the room (ring!) later with his own game face. The only reason they didn’t get belly-to-belly as they stared cold eyed at each other was the table between them!!
They, of course, had their cornermen with them.
Interestingly enough, they chose their legal advisors. Attorney General Anil Nandlall vs his shadow, Roysdale Forde – the newly-minted SC!! Now, these two have their own beef going on for some time – especially after the former claimed the latter was still wet behind the ears!! They also glowered at each other – but the press didn’t give them much mind.
Anyhow, in the major event, the two big ones threw some blows that had been long telegraphed when the bout was arranged. The President had signalled he wanted to get on with some constitutional appointments, and the LoO had come back with the retort that he needed to know the qualifications of the persons the President was putting up. So there were no surprises up to then, as they immediately went into a clinch. They had to be separated and sent on a break!! Your Eyewitness guesses this kinda combat’s so intense, there have to be long breaks between rounds.
So, as we await the next round, we know it’ll be a humdinger!!
As the challenger Norton exited the ring, he was asked some piercing questions about his promised bout with the VP Jagdeo. But this is looking too far ahead, isn’t it?? One bout at a time!! However, he immediately complained that Pressie hadn’t played by the rules, and had poked him in the eye during the clinch!! Seems he expected Pressie to deliver more info before the bout, so he could throw his counterpunches!!
This Pressie’s handlers have denied vehemently, and complained that it was Norton who’s playing dirty pool!!
Get out your popcorn, folks!!

…and breaking
The US has been pummelling Cuba since 1960 for going down the Commmie road – in what they’d declared was THEIR hemisphere via their Monroe Doctrine. Three decades later, over in our western neighbour, their leader Chavez decided to travel down that same (red) road. What else could the US feel but that their chain was being yanked?! After all, next door, our Jagan had been ousted for merely HINTING he might follow suit!!
Anyhow, after many twists and turns, the US is once again making nice at both the Cubans and the Venezuelans. What gives?? With the latter, at least we can see that with the Ukraine war disrupting oil supplies, the US is reminded that for all the talk about “renewables”, petroleum ain’t disappearing for quite a while. And with Venezuela having the largest reserves in the world, the Yanks have to hedge their bets. Meanwhile, our politicians better remember the old adage about “No permanent enemies or friends”!!
But Cuba?! What’s changed with them?

…or shadow boxing?
Last week, PNC GECOM Commissioner scoffed at the VP’s suggestion for cleaning the Voters’ List through culling the dead more systematically. He preferred to use biometrics – more specifically, fingerprints for greater integrity.
And now the entire GECOM agrees. A new beginning?