Region 2 admin to get tough on littering

Despite several cleanup campaigns, the Essequibo Coast Tourism Association and other Non-Governmental Organisations and sensitisation programmes being conducted in Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) to educate residents and to make the region clean, persons are still in the old habit of littering.

Garbage being dumped at the main access road to Lake Mainstay Resort

In the Township of Anna Regina, residents including businesses are dumping their garbage by nights on the shoulders of the road leading to the region’s main tourist attraction –Lake Mainstay Resort. Thousands use this roadway to access the resort or the other lakes in the area but are greeted with the unsightly dumping area.
Speaking with this publication on Monday, Mayor of the Township of Anna Regina, Rajendra Prabhulall said that the municipality will have to get tough on those persons who are dumping garbage indiscriminately. He said that the Public Health officers and Overseer visited the area and are presently working on a long-term plan to clean up the entire area and to prevent residents from further dumping their garbage there.
A meeting is planned for Thursday of this week with the Essequibo Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Mayor and Councillors of the Town of Anna Regina whereby the issue of garbage disposal will be the main topic on the agenda.
The Mayor said that residents are encouraged to use the garbage disposal system that is presently in place in the region. Pooran Brothers Inc is presently contracted to remove all garbage in the region.